Southern Alberta Firearms Education SocietySAFE Society

Introduction to Firearms

Firearm safety, introduction to rifle, shotgun, pistol shooting, First Time Students Welcome


Grip, Stance, Sight Picture, Speed Reloading, Holster Use, Transitions, Clearing Jams


Safe Movement, Target Transitions, Obstacles, Speed reloads, Courses of Fire


Required to compete in IPSC.  Taught and tested by Instructors from IPSC Alberta. *Also requires one match.

SAFE Society Program Schedule Summer 2021WEEKLY SCHEDULE

This is for general planning use only. Days and times may change.
'Drop in' not allowed for safety reasons. All participants must register.
Only accepted students / guardians should enter the Shooting Sports Facility.
Handgun 101
Range 7
Aug. 27
06PM - 09PM
Sept. 03
06PM - 09PM
06PM - 09PM
Sept. 17
06PM - 08PM
Sept. 24
06PM - 08PM
Handgun 201
Range 7
Oct. 03
08AM - Noon
Oct. 10
08AM - Noon
Oct. 17
08AM - Noon

*Schedule is tentative.

TEAM Practice
Range 7
Aug. 28
08AM - Noon
Sept. 04
08AM - Noon
Sept. 11
08AM - Noon
Sept. 18
08AM - Noon
Sept. 25
08AM - Noon
Oct. 02
08AM - Noon
10AM - 11AM
TUESDAYDry land training
10AM - 01PMGYM
KIDS 10-11 YRS
05PM - 06PM
WEDNESDAYDry land training
05PM - 06PMGYM
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The end for a great tournament in front crawl14Nov
The end for a great tournament in front crawl
Loogy tapper win off-speed run batted in designated hitter helmet save. No decision left on base bases loaded walk off steal bunt bleeder full count designated hitter. Squeeze triple-A tag around the horn save, bleeder fenway walk off relief pitcher runs passed.
Diving into the water is as much fun as swimming13Nov
Diving into the water is as much fun as swimming
Discerning the various types seems difficult to the untrained eye with the divers twisting and turning quickly before splashing into the water. Breaking each dive into simple elements not only makes performing each dive easier but also enhances your experience.
List of all body positions and elements in diving12Nov
List of all body positions and elements in diving
Swimmers may dive from a springboard or a platform. You may incorporate various positions into basic dive groups to create new elements. For example, you can perform a reverse dive in a pike position by standing at the edge of the board, facing the water.


All awards recognize the swimmer with the highest percentage of overall improvement in all events.


The Club provides children the opportunity to learn and develop swimming skills.

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SAFE SocietyOUR Executive

Our Executive team, supported by outstanding mentors and sport shooting professionals has a proven track record of success in planning, providing and delivering firearms safety and sport shooting programs in Southern Alberta.

Our highly successful and award winning youth IPSC program has brought many new young athletes and their families into the sport shooting community.

In 2021 we have expanded our programming to include a foundation course that introduces participants to the safe handling and shooting of rifles, shotguns and handguns. We will be working with partner groups to further expand our offerings in these new areas.

Additionally we have reframed our long term goal of building an indoor sport shooting range and been fortunate to secure the volunteer leadership of Dennis Shepard to move this project forward with obtainable expectations and completion goals.

If you would like to join SAFE Society and put your skills and experience to use encouraging, training, supporting


John joined Oxygen in 2015 . He has long been involved in swimming at the top level with experience.


As an ex-National Squad member, Maria still holds multiple records, such as 100 & 200 freestyle.


Mark has been a member of Oxygen Club for upwards of 17 years, where he has trained and competed.


Our member who competed during her time as a competitive swimmer, she has qualified for numerous finals.